• 12 Oct 2016

    Professor Stanley Kwong of the University of San Francisco is a 30 years veteran of IBM and has over 10 years of executive education and higher education teaching experience. Professor Kwong is one of the leading experts on International Marketing Strategy, Chinese Corporate Branding, and Chinese investments in the USA. Dr. Kwong was quoted and interviewed by media such as Wall Street Journal, Huffington Post, China Daily, CCTV, Swiss National Radio, etc on the subjects of China Branding and Chinese Oversea investments. Prior to joining University of San Francisco as a Professor in 2009, Dr. Stanley Kwong was one of IBM’s top international marketing executives and had successfully managed a worldwide technical marketing program with operations in China, India, Europe and the United States.  In 2004, Dr. Kwong was part of the IBM leadership team for the successful transfer of IBM PC Company to Lenovo of China. Dr. Kwong is widely recognized for his knowledge on US-China business relations. Dr. Kwong serves as the Strategic Advisor to the Bay Area Council as well as to ChinaSF. Dr. Kwong was also part of California Governor Jerry Brown’s Delegation to China.


    The Glocal Chamber® San Francisico (GCSF), co-host Intersection Spaceand event partners Startups Greater Asia (SGA), US-China Social Innovation Forum (UCSIF), & Silicon Vikings, will assemble an impressive group of panelists and local executives for the upcoming Global B2B: Understanding & Succeeding in the US & China Markets seminar, which will be held at the Intersection Space in San Jose, CA. on October 12. During the event, Professor Stanley Kwong, an US-China expert, will give a special presentation on the state of US-China trade & Chinese economic trends for the remainder of 2016. Time is running out. Don't miss this opportunity to hear from local US-China experts. Use promo code special20 for 20% discount off of the ticket price. Register now!