Draft of Global Chamber San Francisco (GCSF) Events 4Q2018 through 2019

Draft of Global Chamber San Francisco (GCSF) Events 4Q2018 through 2019
06 Oct 2018 by Doug Bruhnke

Thanks to our extraordinary Board of Advisors and other members for your ideas on upcoming events.

We're planning events for the next 5 quarters. Members - your input is welcome!!

On events of different types...

First there will be regular Advisory Board meetings, and we last met on September  17th. Next up... Thursday, December 13th, 4-5pm. More

Then ongoing we will decide the meeting frequency at the December meeting. Typically I would suggest these be quarterly, possibly part of other events like the Exporter series being planned for 2019.

I also suggest that we consider a Young Global Leaders (YGL) series in parallel to other programming. These can be helpful to connect to younger leaders in the community who may be at firms that are not members yet.

Often Global Chamber chapters do tours of global business organizations... and so there can be 2-3 of those, typically every year. And most do events with collaborators, and we're blessed to be working with a variety of outstanding regional organizations including BABC - SF.

Invariably there are other opportunities that come up all year long from our members, the consulates and other visitors. These are periodic opportunities.

And finally Global Chamber has weekly globinars - for our members to tap in to the latest trends and tips on global business opportunities. Those happen in parallel to all the chapter activity described here.

And so in addition to these other events and activities, here is a DRAFT of our event agenda for 4Q2018 and through 2019.

Your thoughts? Let me know at SFO@globalchamber.org.

Draft for Review

(Additional Events to Advisory Board, YGL, Tours, Collaborator Events, Periodic Opportunities and Weekly Globinars)

December, 2018: Women in Global Leadership OR The Year that Was + 2019 Predictions

January, 2019 GCSF: Exporter Panel / Theme - Financing Exports

February, 2019 GCSF: Young Global Leaders & Entrepreneurship

March, 2019 GCSF: International State of the Metro

April, 2019 GCSF: Exporter Panel / Theme - Marketing & Logistics

May, 2019 GCSF: Grow Globally Fair San Francisco

June, 2019 GCSF: Leveraging Diversity for Global Success

July, 2019 GCSF: Exporter Panel / Theme - Legal Issues

August, 2019 GCSF: HOT New Global Markets

September, 2019 GCSF: Global Business of Wine (with GC Sacramento)

October, 2019 GCSF: Exporter Panel / Theme Technology

November, 2019 GCSF: Welcome Global Companies to the Bay Area

December, 2019 GCSF: Women in Global Leadership


All the best, Doug